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How DUI Convictions Are Treated Across State Lines

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How DUI Convictions Are Treated Across State LinesThe consequences of a conviction for driving under the influence can follow you across the U.S., despite the fact that the conviction originated in one state. California is one of 45 states that are members of the Driver License Compact – an agreement in which states are required to share information about convictions for traffic offenses and to enforce the punishments instituted by other states. If you are a California resident who was convicted of DUI in another state, California is obligated to enforce punishments such as a driver’s license suspension. The same obligation applies if you are a resident of another state in the DLC and are convicted of DUI in California.

California Rules

Though all members of the same compact, each state has its own laws regarding what qualifies as a DUI offense and what the punishment for a conviction will be. California will enforce other state’s DUI convictions as long as they comply with California’s own rules. California will not enforce another state’s DUI conviction if:

  • The offense would not have violated California’s DUI laws;
  • The other state enforces DUI laws differently than California; or
  • The description of the offense does not match California’s definition of DUI.

For instance, Utah recently lowered its blood alcohol concentration limit to 0.04. California would not enforce punishment for a DUI conviction if the offender’s BAC was below 0.08.


Being charged with or convicted of DUI in California can be a hassle if you live in or plan on moving to another state. California expects you to complete many aspects of your case within the state, including:

A DUI conviction may delay your moving plans if you were a California resident at the time of your arrest and want to relocate to another state. Non-residents of California can petition to transfer aspects of their punishments, such as prison time, to their home states.

Non-DLC States

Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin are not members of the DLC but can independently choose to send information about a DUI conviction to the offender’s home state. DLC states such as California will not directly inform non-DLC states of DUI convictions involving their residents.

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