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Since 1985, Burglin Law Offices, P.C. has successfully represented thousands of motorists charged with DUI in San Rafael, Marin County, and throughout northern California. Attorney Paul Burglin is one of only five attorneys in the state that is Board-Certified by the National College of DUI Defense, as approved by the American Bar Association. He also co-authors California Drunk Driving Law, a two-volume treatise commonly known as "the Bible of DUI defense."

Throughout his career, attorney Burglin has been lead counsel in over 120 DUI jury trials, and he is widely known by prosecutors and judges as a skilled and tenacious advocate on behalf of his clients. He has also handled numerous writs and appeals for clients, and several of his opinions have been ordered published by the appellate courts because of the unique legal issues they raised. Because of his successful track record and in-depth knowledge of the laws and California DUI process, DMV hearing officers, prosecutors, and judges frequently call on him when one of their own family members or friends is in legal trouble for DUI.

Comprehensive Driving Under the Influence Defense in the San Francisco

Attorney Burglin handles all types of DUI cases; from underage, first-time, and misdemeanor DUI to second and multiple and felony DUI with accidents and other aggravated circumstances. Whether you are a California driver, an out-of-state resident, member of the military, commercial driver, or a motorist with a professional license to defend, he puts his extensive experience to work to develop the most effective defense strategy to mitigate the situation as much as possible.

Straight Talk, Real Results

When you are pulled over and arrested for DUI, it becomes part of the public record. This means you will likely be contacted by attorneys, bail bondsmen, and insurers claiming they can help you. Beware of misleading claims such as "we get thousands of cases dismissed" or we are recognized as a "Top 1% Trial Lawyer,"as well as those who invade your privacy with phone calls and direct mail.

Attorney Burglin does not operate this way. His clientele comes mostly from professional referrals generated by a successful track record. In fact, he does not accept everyone as a client, because DUI cases require the proper time and attention devoted to them to ensure a favorable result. If you do become his client, you can be assured that he will work hard to minimize the negative consequences of your DUI arrest.

Speak with an Experienced Marin County DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with DUI, you are facing a driver's license suspension, heavy fines and penalties, potential jail time, and other consequences. Attorney Burglin understands what is at stake. He is discreet, diligent, and professional, and he gives each case the serious attention it deserves.

For a personalized consultation with attorney Burglin, contact our office today at 415-729-7300. We serve clients throughout the Bay Area, including Marin County, Tiburon, Sausalito, Mill Valley, Larkspur, San Rafael, Novato, San Anselmo and Fairfax. We handle locals and tourists cited in the wine country, Sonoma and Napa, as well as those cited in San Francisco, Oakland, and Martinez.
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