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What is the key to beating a DUI charge in San Francisco?

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The unique aspect of California DUI prosecution in the City and County of San Francisco is that the potential for a good plea bargain is higher than in virtually any other Bay Area county. The reason for this is a mix of good liberal politics and a crowded court docket. Prosecutors at the San Francisco Hall of Justice recognize that drunk driving is not the crime of the century and they know that jurors in this great City tend to be more skeptical and questioning of police tactics and evidence.

The key to beating a DUI charge in San Francisco - or at least getting a reduced offer on it - is to retain a local lawyer who specializes in this field. Such a lawyer will know the ramifications of a DUI conviction and how the California DMV will treat a drunk driving conviction. If you have one or more prior convictions for DUI or DWI (some states refer to it as "driving while impaired"), you want an attorney who is knowledgeable about the ways to attack prior convictions and the adequacy of out-of-state convictions.

The area of DUI defense has become increasingly technical over the years, and you want a lawyer who is up on the most recent developments in this field. Feel free to review the contents California's most pre-eminent DUI defense lawyers . You do not have to be an attorney to order this book.

Court fines, fees, and assessments that may arise from a drunk driving conviction include vehicle towing and storage; booking, fingerprinting and photo; driver’s license reinstatement; car insurance increase; community service fee; DUI victims’ fund; alcohol abuse education fund; DUI classes; DUI victim’s impact sessions; and time payment charges.

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