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San Francisco DUI Attorney Paul Burglin - IID Restricted License

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The Latest Hurdles On IID-Restricted Licenses For Multiple DUI Offenders by San Francisco DUI Lawyer Paul Burglin

Even those second and third-time DUI offenders with both violation and conviction dates subsequent to July 1, 2010, are encountering hurdles with the DMV in terms of getting an early IID-restricted license.

Hurdle # 1: Until the conviction is actually recorded by the DMV's Mandatory Actions Unit, local DMV offices will not issue the IID-restricted license. Delays in the recording of the conviction by Mandatory Actions are reportedly backlogged by 8 to 12 weeks! There is no legal excuse for this delay!

Hurdle #2: The DMV is refusing to issue early IID-restricted licenses to second and third offenders who have suffered an APS suspension under the zero-tolerance law for DUI probationers. There is no legal basis for this position either. California Vehicle Code section 13353.3(b)(2)(B) specifies that these one-year administrative suspension actions terminate upon eligibility for an IID-restricted license under Vehicle Code section 13352(a)(3) or (5). It makes no exception for zero-tolerance suspensions regarding DUI probationers.

If you need a Petition for Writ of Mandamus prepared and/or filed for you in Superior Court to compel the California Department of Motor Vehicles to follow the law and grant you an IID-restricted license, call Paul Burglin today at (415) 453-0534.

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