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Latest Update on IID-Restricted Licenses - San Francisco Dui Attorney

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LATEST UPDATE ON IID-RESTRICTED LICENSES: The DMV has now lost two separate lawsuits in Marin and Orange Counties based on its refusal to grant IID-restricted license (ignition interlock devices) to second-time DUI offenders with violation dates earlier than July 1, 2010, but with conviction dates subsequent to said date. A third lawsuit is reportedly now pending in Monterey County, wherein both the violation and conviction dates are prior to July 1, 2010. Notwithstanding the two losses, the DMV has yet to reverse its policy and will soon face additional lawsuits that include claims for attorney fees based on its arbitrary and capricious conduct. Clearly, the DMV is thumbing its nose at both the Legislature and the Courts, insisting upon a course of action that defies the legislative goal of encouraging DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. If you are a second or third time DUI offender interested in obtaining an IID-restricted license, contact San Francisco DUI attorney Paul Burglin today at (415) 453-0534.

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