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How Long Does a California DUI Conviction Stay on Your Record?

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california dui defense lawyerIf you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in California, you face many serious penalties in the short term. Your sentence could include fines, jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension, court-ordered community service, DUI school, and attendance at AA meetings. However, you may also be concerned about the long-term effects of a conviction, including a criminal record that can impact future sentencing and employment and housing opportunities. It is important to understand how your criminal record can affect you, as well as whether you have any options to remove a DUI conviction from your record.

Expunging a DUI Conviction in California

A DUI conviction is likely to remain on your record in some form for the rest of your life. However, under some circumstances, it is possible to have a DUI conviction dismissed, preventing it from affecting certain aspects of your life.

The most important requirement for dismissing a DUI conviction is that you have completed any term of probation that was included in your sentence. In California, DUI sentences often include a probationary period of between three and five years, during which time you must refrain from committing any additional criminal offenses. Probation also typically includes conditions such as attending DUI school, completing community service, and driving with restricted privileges. Once the probation period ends, you can petition the court for dismissal, provided that you have abided by all of the conditions of probation and you are not currently serving another sentence or facing pending criminal charges.

A successful petition means that a guilty plea or verdict will be dismissed, and your conviction will be set aside. Your DUI conviction will no longer show up in background checks by employers or landlords, and you will not be required to report your conviction on job or housing applications.

The 10-Year Period For DUI Convictions

Whether or not you can have your conviction dismissed, there is another important timeline you should be aware of. In California, a DUI conviction stays on your driving record for 10 years. If you are convicted of DUI again within 10 years of a prior conviction, even one that has been dismissed, you will face increased fines and longer jail time and license suspension. However, after 10 years from your most recent conviction, another DUI conviction would be charged as if it were your first.

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