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Emergency Restraining Orders During COVID-19 In San Francisco

San Francisco attorney for getting emergency restraining orders

Bay Area Attorney Can Help Obtain Restraining Orders During the COVID-19 Crisis

Stress levels are spiking in Marin County and San Francisco County with people spending more time in the home together.  Some alcoholics and addicts have relapsed because of isolation and not getting to 12-step meetings or therapy appointments.  There is an acronym for persons in recovery called H.A.L.T., and it stands for the following:

H - Hungry

A - Angry

L - Lonely

T - Tired

These things are triggers for the alcoholic and addict, and one can easily see how one or more of them may be impacting a loved one and causing a problem in your home.  Sometimes a restraining order becomes necessary to force one in the throes of addiction to be removed from the home (they may be exposing themselves to the coronavirus and bringing it into the home, or they may be getting violent or threatening).  Sometimes a restraining order is necessary for getting this individual out of your home and hopefully into a residential treatment program.

Although the Marin County Superior Court is on "shut-down" for many things, our office can still assist you in obtaining an emergency restraining order pursuant to California Family Law Code section 6200 et. seq.  If you need help I am here for you---just call my office (Paul Burglin of BURGLIN LAW OFFICES, P.C.) at 415-729-7300 and leave me a message.  I will personally promptly return your call. 

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