State Bar Discipline - Knowing the Pitfalls

The California State Bar regulates the conduct of attorneys. Before hiring a lawyer you should check their status to determine if he or she has ever been suspended from the practice of law. The California State Bar offers a complete listing of all licensed attorneys in California as well as a record of any discipline action taken against them. Before making a final decision on retaining an attorney, confirm how long they have been in practice and whether they are active members or suspended by the Califronia State Bar

Does The Attorney Exclusively Practice DUI Defense? Drunk driving defense work is a very complicated area of the law. It involves dealing with an administrative agency (California Department of Motor Vehicles) and criminal courts. Different rules of evidence and standards of proof apply to these legal entities. DUI defense necessitates scientific knowledge about chemical testing and the various devices and conversion ratios used to determine blood and breath alcohol levels. It involves technical knowledge pertaining to search and seizure issues under the Fourth Amendment, and standards for the proper administration of field sobriety tests. Unfortunately, there are literally several thousand attorneys in California who will take a DUI case for a couple of thousand dollars or less and ram you through the system without a clue as to your possible defenses or the actual consequences of an administrative suspension order vs. a conviction-triggering suspension. Many of these so-called DUI defense lawyers prominently advertise themselves on the major Internet search engines and in the local Yellow Pages. Some of them are genuinely good lawyers---some are even great lawyers---but most of them are not.