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San Francisco DUI Attorney Files: Colorado DWAI Conviction Constitutes a Prior In Texas


State of Texas v. Christensen, Not Reported in S.W.3d, 2011 WL 2176656 (Tex.App.-Dallas)

San Francisco DUI Lawyer Paul Burglin offers this case example: One may be charged in Colorado with DWAI (driving while ability impaired) or DUI.  While the former is a less serious offense requiring a lesser showing of impairment, the element of impairment is defined much the same as what is required in Texas for a DUI conviction.  Hence, a DWAI conviction in Colorado is considered a prior DUI in Texas.

Editor’s Note:  The key to assessing whether Colorado’s DWAI may be properly considered a prior DUI/DWI in another state, is to compare the elements of proof required for a Colorado DWAI conviction with what is required for a DUI/DWI conviction in the other state.  California, for example, has found it insufficient for use as a prior in the criminal court but acceptable for use in administrative suspension actions by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  See McDonald v. Dept. of Motor Vehicles (2000) 77 Cal.App.4th 677. 

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